Soundies were the golden era of music videos. Soundies have proven there's nothing new under the sun. There were music videos in the 1940's, but they were called soundies, but had everything you would find in music videos, popular artists, popular dances, settings, costumes, acting, and of course no music video is complete without beautiful, shapely dancing girls. I've been collecting soundies for a few years. My interest in them is just personal. I'm a huge fan of black entertainment of the 20's, 30's, and 40's, and love collecting all I can and studying what I collect. I made this site to help educate people about the many dancers and performers in the soundies, many of whom never got credited nor recognition. In my research I have found out the names of many who appeared in the soundies. Also a plus my grandmother was in many of these soundies, so I love seeing if I can find her in soundies. I'm looking to trade or buy soundies. My soundies are on dvd, and most of them are available to buy.
Click on the link in the left column "soundie" to see what soundies I have and dancers info.

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